ShiftMatch: Your Competitive Advantage in Staffing

In the fast-paced, competitive arena of staffing, having an edge can dictate whether you seize an opportunity or let it slip away. Traditional methods of staffing—spending valuable hours on phone confirmations and managing often-outdated availability spreadsheets—can hamper your response time and effectiveness. ShiftMatch is here to transform your processes, offering you that essential advantage. Our solution expedites communication and confirmation with qualified, available staff, thus increasing your reliability and credibility to clients. This is made possible through the enhancement of your internal systems. Discover the ShiftMatch advantage and transform the way you manage your staffing requirements today!

Here’s how:


ShiftMatch offers several benefits that make it easier for external labour agencies to work with their customers. Here are some of the key advantages:

Managing a Diverse Talent Pool

ShiftMatch provides external labour agencies with simple but powerful tools to manage a diverse pool of workers. This expansive talent pool enables agencies to quickly find candidates with the required skills and qualifications, ensuring they can efficiently meet their customers’ specific needs.

Efficient Matching Process

The platform’s advanced algorithms and data-driven matching techniques simplify the process of finding suitable candidates for customer requirements. ShiftMatch analyses candidate profiles, including skills, experience, and availability, and matches them with the right shift. This streamlined process saves labour agencies time and effort manually searching for appropriate candidates.

Real-Time Communication and Coordination

ShiftMatch facilitates seamless communication between labour agencies and their customers. The platform provides a centralised hub for agencies to manage job requests, shift scheduling, and other logistical details. This real-time communication streamlines coordination, ensuring agencies can quickly respond to customer needs and efficiently fulfil their requirements.

Enhanced Customer Service

By leveraging ShiftMatch, labour agencies can provide superior customer service to their clients. The platform enables agencies to respond promptly to customer inquiries, handle requests efficiently, and keep customers updated on the progress of their job orders. The streamlined communication and coordination capabilities of ShiftMatch contribute to a positive customer experience.

Flexibility in Meeting Customer Demand

ShiftMatch allows labour agencies to adapt to changing customer demand and provide the necessary workforce flexibility. The platform accommodates a range of positions, enabling agencies to fulfil short-term or seasonal staffing needs quickly. This flexibility helps labour agencies maintain strong relationships with their customers by providing prompt and reliable staffing solutions.

ShiftMatch simplifies the process for external labour agencies to work with their customers by providing access to a diverse talent pool, efficient matching processes, real-time communication, enhanced customer service and flexibility in meeting customer demand. These benefits empower labour agencies to meet their customers’ staffing needs effectively and efficiently, improving customer satisfaction and strengthening relationships.

What is the ShiftMatch Agency Bridge?

The “ShiftMatch Agency Bridge” has been created to facilitate and improve the interaction between ShiftMatch, staffing agencies, and their client businesses. It streamlines communication, data sharing, and collaboration among these entities, simplifying the process of matching open shifts with available agency workers.

What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) generally acts as a bridge between different software systems, enabling efficient interaction and data sharing.

The ShiftMatch Agency Bridge API is a software interface that enables communication between the ShiftMatch platform and third-party staffing agencies. The ShiftMatch platform is a workforce management tool that helps healthcare organisations and other businesses manage their staffing needs. By integrating with the Agency Bridge API, staffing agencies can seamlessly receive staffing requests and updates on their fulfilment status directly within their own staffing software systems.

The Agency Bridge API provides web services that allow staffing agencies to perform various actions, such as retrieving open shifts, submitting staff, updating shift statuses, and receiving notifications when shifts are filled or when staff are no longer required. This integration enables staffing agencies to integrate with the ShiftMatch platform without requiring manual data entry or duplicate record-keeping.

Overall, the ShiftMatch Agency Bridge API helps staffing agencies streamline their operations, reduce manual data entry, and improve efficiency in managing their workforce. It also assists healthcare organisations and other businesses in quickly and easily filling their staffing needs by leveraging the expertise and resources of staffing agencies.