We are excited to announce that ShiftMatch will be attending the UKG Live conference on May 14 as a proud UKG partner! Visit our stand to explore how our uniquely versatile workforce management solution, in collaboration with UKG, excels across various industry sectors.

🚀 At ShiftMatch, we specialize in enhancing UKG Pro with tailored solutions that boost workforce efficiency and adaptability to ever-changing staffing demands. Our platform is designed to support industries with dynamic workforce requirements, seamlessly integrating with existing WFM systems to reduce manual data entry and provide a comprehensive view across all staffing levels.

🔍 Discover how ShiftMatch’s sophisticated matching algorithms optimize employee satisfaction and operational efficiency by accounting for staff skills, preferences, and availability. Our exclusive capability to streamline the management of external staffing agencies through a unified interface offers UKG customers a critical advantage in workforce management.

💼 Don’t miss the opportunity to see how our consumption-based licensing model, rapid implementation, and comprehensive support can empower your organization to manage diverse and fluctuating workforce needs more effectively.

👋 Meet us at our stand for a chat and see how ShiftMatch can set you up for success at every level of workforce management.

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