On April 19th, 2024, we marked an incredible milestone—20 years of ShiftMatch (formerly known as Cascom). As we reflect on our journey, we’re proud of the evolution from our beginnings as a small Australian-owned, privately-funded startup. Embracing the challenges and sacrifices that came with such a venture, we proudly remain privately owned, continually proving the strength and resilience of our original vision.

Over the years, we’ve navigated economic challenges and social shifts, continually adapting our technology to meet the changing needs of the workforce and the organisations we serve. The COVID-19 pandemic tested us all, and ShiftMatch was there to support health networks across Australia. Our platform played a crucial role in managing staffing pressures, helping to ensure that care continued uninterrupted during those critical times.

For two decades, ShiftMatch has been more than just a software solution. We’ve empowered local workers with flexible employment opportunities, allowing them to thrive while supporting the essential services that our community relies on. Our commitment has always been to ensure that every dollar spent is maximized for greater community impact.

ShiftMatch by the Numbers:

  • Total shifts in past 20 years: 22 million
  • Filled shifts: 14.5 million with a 75% fill rate across all industries
  • Total hours worked: 115 million, generating $4.5 billion in income for contingent workers

In the past 5 years in Nursing:

  • Total shifts: 5.15 million (40% AIN/EN, 60% RN)
  • Nurses’ income: $1.95 billion (average $46.50/hr)
  • Patients cared for: 25.75 million (5:1 nursing ratio)

In Early Education over the past 5 years:

  • Filled shifts: 540,000
  • Children cared for: 4 million
  • Revenue for Early Learning Centres: $450 million
  • Hours worked by childcare workers: 4.3 million, earning $135 million (average $31/hr)

Past 3 years Highlights:

  • Messages sent: 20.5 million, saving over 1 million admin hours ($35 million saved)
  • Current active users: 120,000
  • Database transactions: 72 million

As we celebrate this milestone, our future is bright, with promising opportunities for expansion and collaboration with our partners both in Australia and abroad. Our team has grown substantially, not only in numbers but also in the breadth and depth of our expertise, driving forward our mission with renewed energy and innovative ideas.

We look forward to building on our legacy of innovation and community service, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in workforce management.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of making a difference! 🚀

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