In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, access to skilled, qualified and available medical staff has become essential.

ShiftMatch can significantly help healthcare organisations to mobilise and manage contingent workforces immediately. To assist healthcare through this period, we have created a Crisis Support Package that enables new eligible customers to implement the ShiftMatch system swiftly to manage critical resources. This intent of the package is for rapid, simple implementation, so organisations be up and running in days, filling vacancies with internal available staff or external resources as required. The package includes:

• No set-up fee
• One week implementation
• Pay-as-you-use commercial model – no capital expenditure, no long-term contractual commitment or per-seat licence fees
• SaaS solution – rapid deployment with minimal impact on department internal IT resources
• Match the best available staff to any vacant shift automatically through our unique targeted communication processes via text, app, online and email. No more list of potential staff to be contacted manually
• Eliminate admin time when managing staff availability
• Web-based interface for management/administrators providing remote accessible 24/7
• Mobile connectivity (responsive website, iOS App, Android App)
• Broadcast functionality for targeted mass communication
• Staffing Agency workflow and integration
• Ongoing product support

The primary goal of ShiftMatch has always been to help organisations effectively and efficiently fill vacant shifts with internal relief staff or on-demand external resources. ShiftMatch allows organisations to scale their available on-demand internal resources, ensuring that there are appropriate levels of staffing to service the community at all times.

Please contact the team for a quick demonstration of how we can help or to get this set up immediately here.