There is absolutely no denying the power of technology in increasing workplace productivity, improving internal communications and helping managers to make better, faster decisions. But with the introduction of technical innovations, comes the sceptics and naysayers, who are resistant to adopting new technologies. For many managers, this can prove a significant challenge, as the implementation process causes incredible friction. So, how do you successfully introduce a new technology in the workplace?

Build a compelling case
Encouraging your team to adopt a new technology requires you to put forward a compelling case as to what the new technology is, why it’s important and how it’s going contribute to improving the existing environment. Help your team to understand what’s in it for them, in tangible terms. For example, ShiftMatch’s sophisticated system allows casual staff to have greater control over their work/life balance, as they can pick up as much or as little work as they want. All the while, it allows managers to increase productivity by eliminating the manual administrative effort required to fill vacant shifts. Form your argument on the basis of “it will make your life better”.

Invest time into training
Getting your employees to buy the vision is one thing, but ensuring a smooth implementation process is another. Employees may have varying levels of capabilities with digital technology, so it’s important that your training efforts should reflect those variations. At ShiftMatch we understand this is a big task, so we help you get your staff ready for the change and train managers and schedulers in just a couple hours. It’s key to invest time in learning the new system with your team and sympathising with them on any challenges they may face.

Get influencers on board
Focus on getting a team of influencers, who can devote the time to really learning the ins and outs of the new system. This network of experts can then help to coach other team members on how to use the technology in the most valuable way. You want those who are able to work horizontally across the business, and who have great communication skills.

Make it routine
Try to completely transition to the new technology as soon as possible, to show employees that the organisation has totally shifted to a new way of thinking and working. By integrating ShiftMatch into the daily routine of filling casual and vacant shifts, your staff will become more accustomed to using the new software faster as it will become the only way to make themselves available for any open shifts.

If you want to find out more about how ShiftMatch can support you through the implementation process, you can contact us here.