It’s International Nurses Day. A day to honour the amazing work of Nurses across the globe and say thank you for your dedication. A way to recognise the rich history and centuries of care provided to patients.

Do you know the history of nurses?

Nursing can be traced as far back as 300 A.D when nurses began caring for patients in the Roman Empire. Nurses in the Middle Ages never attended any sort of training; they were often nuns or religious women who cared for the sick, poor and abandoned. Fast-forward through time and you’ll see the rise of modern nursing within Europe in the 1800’s.

Born in this era, on this very day, the most famous Nurse of all, Florence Nightingale. Her innovative mind was far beyond her time, as she recognised the need for better management in hospitals and specialised training for nurses. Throughout her career, Nightingale pioneered social reform in health care – she researched, campaigned, wrote books on nursing, hospital organisation and health reform, and changed the course of nursing history around the world.

Modern hospital’s in 2017 have advanced far beyond expectations. New methods and innovations are occurring constantly, many of which are the result of new technologies. Increased levels of communication are one the most significant changes, seeing networks become hyperconnected through handheld mobile technologies. Our flow of communication is no longer restricted, rather it has become multi-directional and touches every aspect of our day-to-day lives. With such increased levels of connectivity, there is a need for automation in the way we communicate. This is where ShiftMatch’s sophisticated software helps – it automates the shift vacancy process, reducing the time and cost efforts of managers.

From Shiftmatch, we’d like to say a sincere thank you to all of the nurses out there, and to the ones who help them get to work every day.